How to Plan the Best Away Day: Creating an Inclusive and Memorable Experience

How to Plan the Best Away Day: Creating an Inclusive and Memorable Experience

Away days provide an excellent opportunity for teams to come together, foster connections, and recharge. However, planning an engaging and successful away day requires careful thought and consideration. In this blog post, we will explore five essential tips to help you plan the best away day experience that will leave your team feeling appreciated and included.

  1. Make it inclusive and ensure there's something for everyone: When organising an away day, it's crucial to consider the diverse interests and preferences of your team members. Plan activities and experiences that cater to different personalities and hobbies. Offer a range of options, such

    How to organise a great away day

    as team-building exercises, outdoor activities, or creative workshops. By providing a variety of choices, you can ensure that there is something enjoyable for everyone, fostering a sense of inclusivity and engagement.

  2. Don't put anyone on the spot - Take the Introverts into Account: While some team members thrive in social situations, others may be more reserved or introverted. It's important to create an environment that respects and accommodates everyone's comfort levels. Avoid activities that overly spotlight individuals or force participation. Instead, provide opportunities for introverts to contribute in their own way, such as through optional activities or by encouraging written contributions instead of mandatory verbal presentations. This approach will make introverts feel valued and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed or excluded.

  3. Make Everyone Feel Appreciated - An away day is an ideal occasion to express gratitude and appreciation for your team's hard work and

    Organising an inclusive away day

    dedication. Throughout the day, acknowledge individual and collective achievements. Take the time to highlight successes and recognise the contributions of each team member. Publicly commend their efforts, and if possible, share specific examples of how their work has made a difference. Showing genuine appreciation will boost morale and strengthen the bond within the team.

  4. Ensure There Are Plenty of Snacks -  Food is an essential element of any successful gathering, and an away day is no exception. Ensure you

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    have a variety of snacks and refreshments available throughout the day. Consider different dietary preferences and restrictions, providing options that accommodate everyone's needs. This thoughtful gesture will keep energy levels high, promote socialising during breaks, and show that you've considered the well-being and enjoyment of your team members.

  5. Find the perfect location - Finding a location / venue to suit all of the team and match your values as a business isn't always easy! If your team are used to home comforts then asking them to sleep in a tent probably isn't going get the results that you want from your away day. If your team are all nature lovers and love an outdoor activity then you'll have more luck there! A great place that will suit both your outdoorsy team members and those who would rather be comfy and cosy is Home Farm Glamping - with all the benefits of outdoor activities but somewhere super comfy and warm to sleep! 
  6. Don't forget about the weather! - Oh, the Great British Weather! Even if you plan your away day for July, the weather can always catch us out. If you plan outdoor activities make sure that there is an undercover alternative. Likewise, it could be too hot so don't forget to take plenty of sun screen and drinking water. A branded sunhat and a branded water bottle could be some great options here too, get in touch if you'd like some help with these.
  7. Give Them a Thoughtful Gift That Matches the Theme - As a memorable way to conclude the away day, consider presenting your team with a thoughtful gift that aligns with the theme or purpose of the event. This gift can serve as a token of appreciation and a memento of the day spent together. Think beyond generic items and instead choose something meaningful. We can help with this one! Get in touch

Planning the best away day involves creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for your team. By considering everyone's preferences, accommodating introverts, expressing appreciation, providing delicious snacks, and offering thoughtful gifts, you can ensure a memorable and engaging event. Remember, the success of an away day lies in fostering a sense of unity, appreciation, and enjoyment for each team member, ultimately strengthening the bond and productivity within your team.

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