Unique Staff Christmas Party Ideas

Unique Staff Christmas Party Ideas

If you're reading through our staff Christmas party ideas then it's likely it's fallen to you to arrange your annual holiday event. Some tasked with planning the annual staff Christmas party will relish it whereas many others will dread it. On one hand, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate together at the almost end of the year. Work is winding down and there’s a chance the teams might make it through the evening without talking about projects or tasks, meaning they can just enjoy the party.

Yet, there can be a lot of different needs to consider and it’s essential to make these events inclusive. A few years ago, planning a Christmas work party meant ordering a ton of beer and prosecco and hoping the resulting chaos would provide office stories to share well into January. Yet, work culture has been through a much-welcome shift in the last few years with far more focus on wellbeing. 

Unique Staff Christmas Party Ideas

Whether you’re planning a team Christmas celebration or a whole-company Christmas party, we have pulled together some of the more unique staff Christmas party ideas. Take advantage of our ‘out of the box’ thinking and consider making your corporate Christmas event more memorable with one of these more unusual staff Christmas party ideas:

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be great experiences for teams, as they usually specify fewer than 10 people at a time. However, if you want to make it work for the whole company you could arrange it so that employees are split into teams and take on the challenge in staggered groups. This could add a competitive element to the experience. 

Staff Christmas Party Ideas

Of course, some company cultures relish anything with a competitive angle and there are others for whom this would be intimidating. Sales-driven companies quite often embrace competition but other teams may find this off-putting, so it’s important to ensure you’re considering the needs of different personality types in your organisation when booking team activities.

If you’re looking for an escape room experience you may be lucky enough to have one locally which may feel more social. Otherwise, there are plenty of venues that cater more specifically to corporate parties and you can even take part in a virtual escape room. If your team are remote, an Escape Room in an envelope is ideal, create teams to add a competitive edge! Our puzzle gift box contains an escape room in an envelope along with a few traits for a great virtual Christmas party!

Murder Mystery

If you have a smaller company then a murder mystery party could make an ideal Christmas party. Employees can dress up, embrace the characters they are given and act through a murder mystery experience, solving clues together and perhaps enjoying a little glamour too, depending on the theme.

Murder Mystery games can be purchased but this will likely require someone from the company to play hostess and you will want to decorate the office so it provides the right setting for your theme. Alternatively, many venues host murder mystery parties and often provide drinks and dinner too. A murder mystery party does provide a full experience with a whole evening of entertainment. However, the costume planning, reading up on your character and getting ready provide excitement in the leading up to the actual event also. You may even be able to find a murder mystery game with a Christmas theme.

Company Christmas Volunteering

Ok, so it’s not a party but if you’re a business focused on giving back to the community, you may want to consider whether volunteering at Christmas would be a better alternative to a costly Christmas party. The real question is, what would most of your employees rather, because it is, after all, their reward?

If you do decide that volunteering for a charity or organisation that aligns with your values is better suited to your company, then The Social Society may be able to help arrange a suitable project for your team.

Corporate Gameshow Or Quiz

Corporate gameshows and quizzes can work in various settings, from in-office parties to more elaborate functions in larger venues. Companies can create their own quizzes, perhaps sourcing pub quiz questions online, and host them in the office. This can be a great ice-breaker for Christmas office parties and you can choose whether to keep work teams together or to mix them up. The latter may allow employees to socialise with those they wouldn’t usually work with.

Staff Christmas Event Ideas

If you have a larger company or are hiring a venue for your Christmas party then you might find it’s better to hire an events entertainment company that can provide a gameshow experience for the whole company. This may prove to be more interactive, involving individual and group challenges rather than just the classic pub-quiz style question and answers. Companies such as Eventurous can provide such experiences, with some even based on popular TV gameshows. 

Live Comedy

Your employees have worked hard all year and, let’s be honest, it’s not been the easier couple of years for many. What most of us could do with is a good laugh. Why not book yourself a big table at your local comedy club, or hire a stand-up comedian or troupe for your corporate Christmas party?

Comedy is a brilliant way to break the ice and there's arguably nothing better to bring people together than sharing in laughter. You may want to do a bit of research first to ensure the general tone of the comedy is going to suit your employees. Booking a table at a comedy club, perhaps after dining together, can be a great way to ensure a fun and lively atmosphere for your Christmas celebration.

Corporate Christmas Party Bags

If you’re having a Christmas party then what about giving employees something extra special to start the Christmas holiday period with? A party bag that includes thoughtful gifts promoting wellbeing will be welcomed by your staff, who will appreciate the reminder to take care of themselves over the festive period. You might include a candle, food items, herbal teas, etc. We have some great options for staff Christmas gifts or you can contact us and we can put something bespoke together for you to hand out to your employees as a seasonal thank-you gift at your Christmas party.

Chocolate Making Corporate Christmas Event

The right time for chocolate is anytime but Christmas is especially fitting. So why not take your team to a chocolate-making workshop where they can learn how to produce their own luxury chocolates? 

End of Year Team Events

Chocolate making is one of our favourite staff Christmas party ideas as it’s a wonderfully seasonal experience. Plus, you’ll all have something to take home with you (if you have the willpower not to scoff your creations all at once). Learning together is also a great bonding experience but what’s important here is that for most companies this will be a learning experience that has nothing to do with work. This is important because employees don’t feel especially valued or rewarded when staff events attempt to incorporate work-based learning.

Booking Entertainment For Your Corporate Christmas Party

Are you planning a classic big corporate Christmas party? These can be great opportunities for employees across all departments and even offices to socialise together. A grand event is a great way to end the year and celebrate all you’ve achieved together. However, as mentioned in the introduction, some of these parties have traditionally been centred around drinking alcohol and may carry a somewhat crass reputation you don’t necessarily want for your company. To avoid the kind of corporate Christmas party that keeps HR departments busy for weeks after, lay on some proper entertainment to fill the evening and give everybody something to see. Staff Christmas party ideas for entertainment might include:

  • A Magician
  • A Band
  • Comedy Troupe
  • A Caricaturist
  • Acrobatic Acts
  • Circus-themed Entertainers
  • Photo booth
  • Play-for-fun Pop-up Casino
Staff Christmas Party Entertainment

Doing something extra special doesn’t only set the tone but it differentiates you and can even be a reflection on, or help to build, company culture. 

Whether you’re doing something big or going for a more intimate Christmas celebration, make sure it's inclusive and, especially if you’re including an activity, ensure it works to bring colleagues together over the festive period.

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