8 Mother’s Day Gifts For Mums Who Have Everything

8 Mother’s Day Gifts For Mums Who Have Everything

8 Mother’s Day Gifts For Mums Who Have Everything

Gift giving is getting harder. Trust us - it’s what we do. In fact, it was one of the driving forces in setting up Out Of The Box Gifts. Modern living has many challenges but we don’t go without an awful lot. Gone are the days when most people would save up in order to buy a new toaster or new bedding or even a handbag. We’re not all frivolous but we don’t wait for the things we need anymore. We buy them on credit or on sale or maybe we borrow from one household fund to support another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we’re spoilt of over-indulgent - life is just set up differently now.

Purchasing of second-hand goods is on the rise with clothing apps like Vinted and DePop promoting pre-loved items. Local social networking is also making it easier to pass on unwanted furniture and goods. There is a growing trend in looping - essentially a borrowing system. Subscriptions are also becoming preferable, especially as the digital world continues to take over. Many of us get our music, television, film and news on a subscription basis so we're not buying each other CDs and DVDs anymore. Some of us even get our household and beauty products on monthly subscriptions, particularly those who prefer eco-friendly items not always found on supermarket shelves. This evolving consumer marketplace is very exciting and potentially far more eco-friendly, yet it does make gifting highly challenging.

For example, if you’ve got a modern mum (or mother figure) who streams on Spotify, gets her entertainment from Netflix, has an ‘App for all that’ and has already got everything the way she wants it in the home, then you’re going to need some gift inspiration for mother’s day! We are specialists in thinking outside the box - it’s in our name - so we’ve got you covered, with our top pick mother’s day gifts for mums who have everything.

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Mother's Day Gift Box

First things first, what have we got for you? Or rather, for your mum. At Out Of The Box Gifts, we specialise in eco-friendly gift boxes brimming with treats that nurture the soul and inspire lots of valuable self-care. We love how our boxes are unwrapped and the gifts inside each fawned over. How each one is designed to make the receiver feel truly loved and cared for. Yet, what we aim to do is keep that feeling going, which is why amongst the treasures inside each box you’ll find treats that are used over and over again , reminding your loved one to carve out time for themselves beyond their day of celebration. We have a range of gift boxes to inspire calm, to comfort and to uplift. And, of course, we have a special Mother’s Day Gift Box for you. This includes a Bloom aromatherapy candle, a delicious, organic, dark chocolate lolipop and a par of blissfully soft bamboo socks. Additionally, we have a wide range of environmentally friendly products that you can use in our Create Your Own Mother’s Day Gift Box option. Simply navigate through our many suggested mother’s day gift items and add dried flowers, chocolates, calming bath products, candles, herbal tea, soaps and various other keepsakes to your unique gift box. We’ll wrap it all up for you in eco-friendly packaging and post it to you or directly to your mum if you wish. It couldn’t be easier to send the things your mum probably craves most - simple pleasures and items that invoke rituals of self-care and calm. 

Crafting Together Gifts

Did you know that 73% of the population bought craft in 2020? Yes, DIY crafts are back and an ideal gift in our product-rich time-poor way of life. There are so

Cross Stitch Kits

many crafting trends on the rise and so many gift sets to choose from. Including macrame, mosaic, embroidery, soap making, wax wrap making, art boxes, willow weaving and all sorts. We recommend choosing a craft based on what your mum might actually want to display in her home after the project is completed. However, we also love how crafting and mindfulness have fused to become a merry mixture of creativity and calm. Decent craft kits provide more than a short activity, they help us to live in the moment, become absorbed and focus our attention on creating something for the sake of art and pleasure. That being, it’s easy to see why crafting is increasingly popular.

However, this does mean there are a wealth of craft kits available and it’s important to find the right one because some are far better than others. Some are too simple, some too complicated. Some promote eco-conscious living, such as crafting of bee houses or bird feeders, and others are full of single-use plastic.

What we love most are the gift sets that promote time spent crafting together. Of course, you can just buy two gift sets, meet up and work through your kits together. However, there are a few craft gift sets on the market designed for this, including Together We Craft Macrame Kits by East Four. These can be sent in one package or, if you won’t be seeing each other in person, one can be sent to your mum and one to you. This is a lovely option for those who won’t get to see their mums in person this Mother’s Day, as you can spend time virtually together, sharing a creative activity. 

Craft kits are especially good Mother’s Day gifts for mums who have everything but are best kept busy. 

Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts

I think many of us have a love-hate relationship with personalised gifting. On one hand, it is thoughtful and bespoke and potentially an item that will be long treasured. On the other hand, it has become so common it’s no longer unique but uninspiring and predictable. So, we’re going to let you decide and simply present some of the mother’s day personalised gift options that we found most - intriguing.

Artwork Turned Into Jewellery For Mum

So, if your mother or wife hates having to display the children’s artwork around the house and find it less lovingly imperfect and more a disruption to the carefully planned decor, then they probably won’t be a fan of wearing the kid's artwork. However, lovers of abstract art may be big fans of Forever Drawn, who turn your child’s artwork into jewellery. If you’re thinking of a personalised mother’s day gift for your wife from your children this year then make sure you know which camp she falls into on this. Is there one piece of art that has been preserved and treasured above all else? Or does she set a timer for how long each painting must be displayed on the fridge? It has to be said that Forever Drawn does make amazing transformations from scribbles into pendants, bracelets and keychains. Check them out here

Mother’s Day Charm Bracelets

Sometimes the gift we want most on mother’s day is not something that reminds us we’re mothers. Maybe we don’t need a mug to let the world know we have children and maybe being named as the ‘best in the world’ is a bit too much pressure. Besides, as much as we love our kids we have other things to celebrate too right? Whilst Mothering Sunday itself is an opportunity to celebrate mothering skills and show appreciation for our mother figures, the gift doesn’t need to be anything to do with motherhood. It can just be a gift for the lady herself. For a personalised one, you might consider a charm bracelet. The Y2K trend is riding a furious train into 2022 and it’s bringing back charm, or rather charms - jingling ad jangling from the wrist. Charm bracelets are perhaps one of the classic personalised gift options for women who love jewellery that allows them to express themselves. There are some wonderfully original and unique options now by small business to give Pandora a run for their money. Check out Bloom Boutique, for example.

We Are Family Wall Art

If you do want a buy a gift for your mother or wife, that celebrates family on mother’s day, then there are some lovely options for wall art, mostly found on Etsy and/or Not On The High Street. With personalised artwork that represents your family, usually, you will be asked to provide some details or photographs so that the maker can personalise your art. House drawings, based on your home and including the house and street number are available as illustrations or watercolours. Pebble pictures are also popular (but not too popular to be bespoke) with small stones representing the members of your family. Watercolour wellington boots with their size and style representing each parent and child are ideal for outdoorsy families or, of course, you can just go for a custom family portrait. 

Custom family wall art is usually gifted to mums when the family is young to preserve those years in a picture. However, we also love the idea for an older mother whose children have flown the nest. A bespoke illustration of the house you grew up in, with her at the helm, may be the perfect picture to promote shared nostalgia. After all, many mothers consider it their job to make childhood some of the best years of their children’s lives, so showing her how much it meant to you will really mean something to her this mother’s day.

Dried Flowers For Mother’s Day

When many of us think of Mother’s Day an image of flowers springs to mind. Especially that of daffodils, tulips and traditionally springtime blooms. However,

as concerns over water usage and use of land increasingly enter our environmental awareness, the cut flower bouquet option is becoming less simple. This is one of the reasons that dried flowers are becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly alternative. Now, when we say eco-friendly we’re not claiming they’re flawless because they don’t last forever (both a good and bad thing) and they, unfortunately, require treating with chemical sprays to preserve them. However, they can last a long time and they don’t require watering. Apart from this, dried flowers can be absolutely stunning and compliment a boho, modern or vintage style home. You could certainly be forgiven for picturing drab brown dry bunches of bark here, yet dried flowers can come in an array of colours and textures too. In fact, dried bouquets can be more diverse and interesting than cut flowers, with feathered flowers, wildflowers, green eucalyptus and preserved colours. There is a great guide to dried flower sellers and options here

As far as Mother’s Day gifts for mums who have everything, dried flower bouquets give you one less thing to buy your mum every year too!

Delicious Doughnuts For Mother’s Day By Post

I don’t know why but doughnuts appear to be fast becoming the new food to gift. Actually, I know exactly why - they’re absolutely mouth-wateringly scrumptious! I’m not sure what happened to the doughnut. They used to be sugar covered squidgy pillows with a rich jam filling and it was crazy to think they could be improved upon. Even when American versions started appearing I was not convinced by these iced alternatives (with no jam). Yet, in the past couple of years, doughnuts have reached a whole new level. Coming in all sorts of wild and wonderful flavour combinations, with vegan options quite readily available, doughnuts are experiencing a renaissance and much of it is coming through the letterbox. Yes, doughnuts are being sent by mail as the new food treat to gift and it’s taking hold. Most likely, because that amount of goodness can bring on the sugar shame but there’s a loophole - it doesn’t count if it’s a gift, right? 

Planet Doughnut offer nationwide delivery and over 60 flavours to choose from. What started as a husband and wife run business delivering from the family car, has become a door-to-door doughnut offering across the UK. Yumbles also offer a variety of doughnuts from various makers, many of which are vegan. Including vegan doughnut varieties such as chocolate orange, Bischoff, toffee apple and matcha, strawberry and lemon. The doughnut box by post option is one of those mother’s day gifts for mums who have everything, and want something more than the usual chocolate selection box.

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