Celebrating Female Friendship - Maxine and Tracey

Celebrating Female Friendship – Maxine & Tracey

It’s Galentine’s week, and what better way to celebrate female friendship than get the lowdown from a few of our friends on what makes their friendship with a gal pal tick.

First up, the lovely Maxine from Digital Bon Bons and Small Biz Big Moments joins us to tell us about her friendship with Tracey.


Maxine and Tracey - Galentine's Day     

  1. What would you say is the most important thing that makes your friendship what it is?

Oooh what a fab question I think lots of things. We’ve known each other a long time so we know each others personalities, our quirks, our push points, basically all the stuff that makes us us as individuals but also how we connect as friends. We have differences and similarities and I love that. We both cheerlead each other but also we’re not afraid to challenge each other too and I think that’s really special. She is like a sister to me and being an only child, she is very precious. I know sometimes I can be a bit over-protected like a sibling but I know that she is there for me no matter what and I’d like to think she feels the same too.


  1. What’s your key to keeping in touch and staying close?

We speak daily, either by text or by email and we try and see each other a few times a month. We both get a bit ancy if we don’t have something in our diaries ha ha and we don’t like to leave it for longer than two weeks max. If we don’t manage to speak for a few days we’re shocked ha ha. We just both value our friendship and love our friendship so it’s not effort or work it just exists.


  1. What’s your favourite memory of your friendship?

Oh my goodness okay so there’s been too many too to be honest and I’m not sure all of them I can share ha ha, she may kill me. But one I think I can is a few years ago we were travelling on a train home together. Now, I should say that we both have a silly sense of humour, we find stupid stuff and really quite small stuff funny and we can also turn most things into a joke of some kind quite naturally. So we were on this train and we were actually having quite a big conversation about something, then all of a sudden this jacket falls from the shelf above and literally engulfs Tracey so she is covered and I was sitting there mouth open and she’s under the jacket going “what’s going on? It’s gone dark”. Anyone who was watching us must have thought what are they on, but I pulled the jacket off her and we just laughed and laughed. We then started calling each other “Jackets” for a bit because it was so funny.


  1. What are your favourite things you do for each other?

Okay so we always say about how we can meet up and do something, even if it’s just round each others houses and we eat (we love to eat, we’re all about the food and where our next meal is coming from) and just chat. We can often sit in silence with each other and feel perfectly content and happy.

We’ve also planned some great things for each other. Days out, trips to places. We had a great trip to Prague a few years back. I think anything where we can relax, there’s food and we have a giggle.


  1. And finally, where and when did you meet?

So we met at secondary school. I think it was around Year 9 and we became part of a large friendship group so we weren’t super close just us two at that point but then over the years we just got closer and closer and have become the friends we are.


Thanks so much for sharing Maxine, the recount of your favourite memory actually made me laugh out loud! I love that you get together so often and that you’re all about the food (me too!)
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