Eco Friendly Team Onboarding Gifts

A B2B marketing agency contacted me as they found that creating their onboarding gifts was taking up too much time and they wanted to outsource this. Their brief was that they would like products that were sustainable, unisex and a mix of stationery and snacks.

I came up with a few options that fit within their brief and their budget and they chose their selection. We now send out a sustainable onboarding gift box with their selection of gifts, including a branded gift tag with their welcome note, to each new hire.

Here’s what Nicola at the agency has to say:

Sustainable Onboarding Gifts

Wonderful welcome gift for new staff.

We like to send our new members of staff a little something to welcome them to the team. Zoe came up with a few bespoke options to choose from and, once we'd picked the one we thought was most suitable, we started sending them out. We've been doing it for over a year now and every single recipient is delighted!”

It’s great to work with you and to see the team growing well!

If you’d like to send sustainable onboarding gifts to your team, please email Zoe at or call 07580 061 227, we’d be delighted to send you some options.

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