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Planting trees with Ecologi

Responsible Tree Planting with Out of the Box Gifts

At Out of the Box Gifts I'm all about being as sustainable as possible. Our gifts are Vegan, natural and handmade with eco-friendly packaging. But I know we still need to do more. So I am thrilled to have partnered with Ecologi to help tackle our carbon emissions.

Ecologi help fund the world's best climate crisis solutions. Every month they plant groves of trees and finance carbon reduction projects from around the world.

I have committed to fund the planting of 13 trees per month which includes one in the UK. So far, 23 trees have been planted on Out of the Box Gifts' behalf which equates to 1.17 tonnes of carbon reduction!

The trees planted on our behalf so far are supporting forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay, enabling rural communities in Haiti to have direct access to clean drinking water and the reforestation of Dalry in Scotland.

I can't wait to watch the forest grow, and you can check it out too at

Thanks for supporting this small business, and thanks for supporting the planting of trees 


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