Unique And Affordable Ways To Spend Mother’s Day 2023

The relationships we have with our mothers, or those we consider motherly figures, are deeply personal and unique. Yet, every year most people find themselves celebrating Mother’s Day the same way - with dinner (usually a roast), a card and flowers. Maybe it’s because it sneaks up on us a little after the Christmas comedown or maybe we’re still emerging from some form of winter hibernation and haven’t yet gathered the energy to come up with original ideas. Still, it seems a shame not to make Mother’s Day more personal, especially as the relationships we have with our mothers are so important.

So, at Out Of The Box, we racked our brains to come up with:

  • Eco-Friendly Ideas for Mother's Day 
  • Affordable Ways To Spend Mother’s Day
  • Activities For Mother’s Day

Here are some of the most unique ways to spend Mother’s Day that we could come up with:

Crafting Together On Mother’s Day

Over the past couple of years, crafting activities have become increasingly popular. Whether knitting, macrame, mosaic, candle making, crocheting or any other form of craft, many of us have found such activities less about producing perfect creations and more about practising mindfulness and tapping into our creativity. Yet, crafting together can also be a great way to spend a day or evening (for evening crafting, add wine) with a loved one. Joint activities, even if you are each focusing on your own project, can be a calming shared experience. 

Learning together is also great for bonding so it may be an idea to both embark on the same craft activity, following a step-by-step tutorial. There are craft kits you can purchase for this or you may select an easy-to-follow video tutorial on YouTube and source the materials yourself.

No doubt you’ll share some laughter as you attempt your crafts and maybe you’ll share some snacks and wine too. The biggest challenge for some, with this activity, is facilitating the quiet needed for you both to be able to focus. If you can though, clear the house of kids and distractions so that your mum and you can have some therapeutic crafting time for yourselves.

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

As we become increasingly aware of the impact that celebrations, such as Mother’s Day, have on the environment, we are becoming more sustainably minded in the way we mark special occasions. Knowing that the majority of greeting cards and wrapping paper cannot be recycled and that we need to be buying less, finding ways to make our loved ones feel treated on special occasions can be tricky.

If you’re able to spend the day with your mum, then you can opt for a celebratory lunch or even a spa day in place of a gift. Yet, not all of us can do this. Hence, sending a gift is our way of showing we care. 

Here are a few ideas for eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts:

  • Plantable Cards - Compostable cards embedded with wildflower seeds are becoming increasingly popular. These cards are not only beautiful but, when it comes time to take them down from bookshelves and sideboards, rather than throw them away, they can be planted. The cards can simply be placed in soil outside where they will decompose and release the seeds, which will turn into bee and butterfly-attracting wildflowers. So they're actually good for the environment!
  • Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Box - A gift box is a wonderful package to receive through the post and all of ours are eco-friendly, made with sustainability and wellbeing first and foremost. One is called the ‘New Mum Gift Box’ but it’s perfect for any mother who deserves some special care and gratitude on Mother’s Day.
  • Food And Drink Gifts For Mother’s Day - Food and drink rarely go to waste. Therefore, it makes a great sustainable Mother’s Day gift. Chocolate, tea blends, speciality coffee and baked treats are excellent options. However, you can also order fruit and vegetable boxes, some of which come with zero packaging or else recyclable packaging. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little bit naughty, how about our Brownie Baking Mix In A Bottle?
  • Something to look forward to - If you can’t spend the day with your mother but can do something at another time, then why not plan something special for another day? Sending theatre tickets or booking a day festival, spa or afternoon tea can give your mum something to look forward to. So you can still give the gift of time together and an experience, even if you can’t be together for Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day Walk And Slow-Cooked Lunch

If you’re looking for an affordable way to spend Mother’s Day then getting out in nature is a great solution. Especially if you want to give yourselves the space and opportunity to talk. Early morning is usually an ideal time for a stroll on Mother’s Day, being that we’re on the cusp of spring but with the winter chill still in the air. Hopefully, it will be crisp and fresh and a great time to get out into nature.

Walking together is a lovely way of bonding and you have the added bonus that being in nature does our wellbeing wonders too. You needn’t be out long, especially if you’re not a regular walker, but choose somewhere special for your walk - by the beach, through the woods or across the countryside maybe.

A morning walk will certainly work up an appetite and it is probably going to be a little too nippy for a picnic just yet so you’ll need to have a lunch plan. Many country walks conveniently lead to lovely little pubs where you can usually book a table for a Sunday roast. Apart from not having to cook, the bonus of this is that you’ll have the walk back to wake yourself up after your meal which definitely means you can justify dessert.

If you’d rather eat at home or are looking for more affordable ways to spend Mother’s Day, then head back home to a meal that’s already waiting. A meal prepared in a slow cooker is the ideal solution to post-walk hunger. Since you likely won’t want to be cooking as soon as you’ve returned from your Mother’s Day walk, prepare your meal in a slow cooker and turn it on before you leave in the morning. This way, not only will lunch be warm and ready to eat but you’ll be greeted by the gorgeous aroma of home-cooked food as you both step through your front door. A slow cooker is also low on energy usage and so is a more affordable way to cook. It also uses about 50% less energy than an electric oven so a walk and lunch made in a slow cooker is not just an affordable way to spend Mother’s Day but it also makes for an eco-friendly Mother’s Day.

Affordable Shopping On Mother's Day

Are you and your mum more high street shoppers than country walkers? Many mothers and daughters bond over shopping and it’s great to have someone with a handy second opinion when we’re picking out clothes or homewares. Unfortunately, shopping is a costly activity and it’s not very sustainable either. So why not go second-hand shopping?

Shopping second-hand keeps clothing and other items from landfill and it’s usually a lot cheaper. Plus, it’s usually more fun! You can hit the charity shops but thrift and vintage stores that are usually fascinating and more unique places to shop. You’ll find more one-off items and the whole experience is far more interesting than high street shopping.

Thrift shopping can be one of the more eco-friendly and affordable ways to spend Mother’s Day but it’s also a great way for you and your mum to bond as you finger through clothing rails to uncover hidden treasures.

Sunday Board Games Day

If you’re a family who loves to play board games why not dedicate a whole day to the activity? This works especially well if you have a sibling or two as more players can make games more enjoyable. Plus, everyone can supply different drinks and snacks so you can all graze as you compete to be games tournament champion.

Whether you’re a Scrabble family or prefer a more DIY Taskmaster-style games session, family games are an excellent way to create memories and wile away the hours on a Sunday, especially if it’s raining which is reasonably likely on Mother’s Day.

Whatever you choose to do for Mother's Day, we wish you a lovely day of celebrating that beautiful mother and son/daughter relationship.

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