Unique Valentine’s Ideas For Men

Unique Valentine’s Ideas For Men

Why is it so hard to find unique valentine’s ideas for men? Gifts for men are notoriously tricky and, whilst finding things to do on an occasion is usually simple, the romantic nature of valentine’s day makes this challenging too. I wonder if our difficulty in sourcing Valentine’s Day gifts for men has a lot to do with outdated stereotypes?

As supposed natural nurturers it’s no surprise that, in the past, benefits of holiday celebrations were traditionally heaped on the women. It would usually be us getting the evening off from cooking, we’d be able to justify purchasing a new outfit and be gifted with something we wouldn’t have been able to buy ourselves. Valentine’s Day may well be for couples but in years gone by it’s been women who have been the ones to be ‘spoilt.’ And rightly so, considering many were ostracised from the workplace and expected to stay home to cook and clean every other day of the year. Now that we live in a more progressive society with most couples both earning and sharing the housework, that’s no longer the case though. Right?

Evolution Money reports that men spend twice the amount on Valentine's Day gifts than women with the average being £40. Perhaps it’s because Valentine’s gifts tend to have a romantic tone which is less associated in the media with male gift preferences. There’s an idea that men get less enjoyment from chocolates and flowers than women which, of course, might be true for some, but not for others. Yet, our preconditioned perceptions can’t help but influence our buying decisions. Still, since Valentine's Day is a shared celebration it's only fair the men in our lives get some TLC (and gifts) too. So, whilst I encourage you to dismiss tradition and select gifts regardless of outdated stereotypes, it occurred to me that some women may be searching for unique valentine’s ideas for men in 2022.

At Out Of The Box Gifts, we reckon we’re pretty good at thinking up some unique gift ideas. So, ensure the man in your life has a Valentine’s Day to remember with our unique Valentine’s ideas for men:

Unique Valentine’s Day Experiences For Men 

With many of us having missed going out during the pandemic, Valentine’s Day might be the perfect time to get back out into the world. You may find that it’s more important right now to prioritise experiences and time spent together over gifting. In 2022 Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday which isn’t the best day to celebrate but there’s no reason not to move the celebrations to the weekend. After all, we’re thinking outside the box here. 

Valentine’s Experience Days

Who says you have to do a candlelit dinner for Valentine’s Day? As lovely as a meal out can be, we often book a table at a fancy restaurant because it’s traditional rather than it being what we might necessarily want to do. Since this is a shared celebration it’s important to find an activity that you’ll both enjoy. Maybe that’s go-karting, a visit to a National Trust property, an escape room, indoor skydiving, gin tasting or any number of possibilities.

There are plenty of ideas on gift experience voucher websites and you’ll find lots of ideas there for how to spend a more unique Valentine’s Day. Although, if you can book with the event supplier please do. It’s been a tough couple of years for events companies and buying direct is a great way to show support.

Comedy Night

If you’re looking for an evening activity in an atmosphere that’s not a restaurant then a comedy night could be the way to go. Most cities and many towns have a comedy club showcasing up-and-coming stand-up comedians. As well as supporting your local arts and entertainment industry you’re sure to have a fun evening. Some comedy clubs serve pre-performance food and there’s neither a requirement to dress up nor a reason not to should you feel like it.

Most comedy evenings will showcase more than one comedian, so if one set doesn’t tickle your funny bone then another will soon follow. If audience participation isn’t your thing then arrive early to avoid being seated in the front row.

Restaurant Quality Dinner At Home On Valentine’s Day 

Why would you venture outside in freezing February when you enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine at home? No, we’re not suggesting a Deliveroo but something a bit more special.

Have a Valentine’s Day Green Chef meal, and enjoy making it together for an experience as well as a meal that you wouldn't usually cook, served up in the comfort of your own home. Another meal kit for plant-based foodies, Gauthier’s Vegan Box is hard to beat. Containing eight dishes by award-winning vegan chef, Alexis Gauthier, the box comes ready to eat at home and can be ordered with wine pairings. 

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Couple’s National Trust Membership

Many of us this year are understandably keen to get out more and explore the UK. Especially if that means spending quality time with one another too. Why not invest in a one-year couple’s National Trust membership for £120 (or £10 per month)? With over 500 places to choose from, being a National Trust member may inspire you to spend more weekends venturing out and around the UK and learning, exploring and enjoying our rich history and beautiful landscape together. 

Membership gains you free entry, free parking, the National Trust Handbook (so you can start planning your adventures), the magazine and access to their online member's area. You’ll even receive a £15 National Trust Gift Voucher!

Framed Art Print

This is a lovely gift for couples who live together. The style and decor in your home is something that you will share, even if your tastes differ. True, this can be a real point of contention. However, it can also bring couples together. There is little that makes one feel as accepted and cared for as when a partner agrees to put up with some sentimental item that makes their eyes hurt because it’s treasured by you.

Selecting and framing an art print your partner will love is not only a thoughtful gift but also reflects the warmth and growth that comes when building a life together. Hopefully, you will be able to find a piece of art you will both enjoy having displayed in your home. There’s plenty of choice at Fy. One thing that’s particularly lovely about art as a gift is that it is a daily reminder of the person who gifted it.

Valentine’s Day Hampers And Valentine’s Food Gifts

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, everyone loves getting food presents. A hamper is a great gift for a Valentine you don’t live with and they can be both romantic and unique. How about a hamper full of sweets? A vegan hamper for plant-based Valentines? Or a brew-your-own beer kit? Or go outside the hamper box and send a box of doughnuts which are fast becoming the new luxury food of love. Check out this box of six super-indulgent unique flavoured Vegan doughnuts from Planet Doughnut. *Warning - your mouth will water.

Out Of The Box Gifts - Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes For Men

Naturally, Out Of The Box has a range of self-care promoting sustainable gift selections for men. Our unique Gift Box For Cyclists is perfect for Valentine’s Day for the lycra-loving man in your life. Otherwise, the Men’s Resilience Gift Box is ideal for the modern man, or check out our sustainable Gift Box For Men designed in collaboration with AWOL Mountain Wearr. 


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