Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Respect for people and planet

We treat both our people and our planet with respect.

We respect everyone we interact with. We are professional, polite and tolerant. We always respect the opinions and privacy of other team members. We respect our planet and want to protect it. We source sustainable and eco-friendly products, and work towards our zero waste goal.

We want everyone who interacts with our business to feel safe and respected.

We prioritise doing the right thing for individuals and the environment over financial gain. We strive to make decisions and take actions that have a positive impact and minimise harm to the planet.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We are transparent, honest, and responsive in our communications with customers. We address any customer concerns or complaints promptly and professionally.

We establish and maintain fair and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. We ensure that our suppliers uphold ethical practices, including fair labour conditions, environmental sustainability, and responsible sourcing. We communicate openly and honestly with our suppliers and address any issues or concerns in a timely and respectful manner. We have a policy in place for supplier selection and give suppliers from underrepresented communities preference.

We only create thoughtful, ethical gifts that align with our mission. We source materials responsibly, considering their environmental impact and social implications. We offer products that are durable, sustainable, and produced with ethical supply chains. We encourage customers to make informed choices and provide information on the ethical attributes of our gifts.

Integrity & honesty

We tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing.

Our mission is ‘to make people smile by creating thoughtful, ethical gifts that don’t cost the Earth. We always keep this mission in mind.

Everything we do works towards fulfilling this mission. The way we act and the attitudes we display align with our overall mission and will help us work towards it. We are honest, trustworthy and reliable. We are transparent in everything we do.


We know and follow the law, wherever we are.

We follow all laws as they apply to our organisation. If we’re not sure what the law is in a specific instance, we seek clarification.

By adhering to this Code of Ethics, Out of the Box Gifts aims to create a positive impact on community, the environment, and all those involved in our business operations.