Eco-friendly packaging

It is very important to me that the packaging, as well as the contents at Out of the Box Gifts is as kind to the environment as it possibly can be. As well as ensuring the packaging is eco-friendly, I partner with  Ecologi who help fund the world's best climate crisis solutions.

Read on for information on how to dispose of all packaging.

Out of the Box Box Gifts wrapping paper, shredded paper and sticker - the box that your gift arrives in is compostable and recyclable, thought if you can reuse it that would be even better! When you've finished with it simply tear the box up into small pieces and place in your food waste bin or in your garden compost bin. Alternatively, pop it in with your paper/cardboard recycling.

The twine can also be composted, or preferably reused. 

Tiger & Co candles are in glass jars. Please reuse or pop in your recycling bin.

Seed & Bean chocolate bars - all packaging can be put in your home compost bin.

Jessica Wilde Designs notebooks and greetings cards are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. The bag they arrive in is compostable.

BeeFayre candles are in glass cups with cardboard packaging. All recyclable. 

Mood Cards by The Mood Club are in a reusable or recyclable tin and the paper the cards are printed on is compostable.

Amoorra shower bombs are packaged in cardboard outer packaging and biodegradable bubble wrap. Pop the cardboard in your recycle bin and the bubble wrap in the compost.

Positivitea tea bags - the cardboard packaging can go in the recycle bin and the tea bags can go in with your home food waste.

Made by Coopers Apothecary Atmosphere Mists - the outer tube, bottle and spray can all be recycled.

Blushberry Botanicals lip butter, face mask and hand cream packaging can be reused (preferably!) or recycled.

Lick the Spoon Hot Chocolate Spoons - packaging can be all be recycled.


 If you have any questions or concerns about any of our packaging please get in touch, I'll try my best to answer them.