Ethical Marketing Policy

Objective: At Out of the Box Gifts we believe that all our marketing efforts should provide genuine value to our target audience. Our marketing focuses not only on how our services and products benefit our customers, but also how they benefit socially responsible and environmental causes. Our marketing is based on a belief that marketing should be honest and that we will not take advantage of anyone’s personal data. This policy statement lays out the ethical marketing practices we follow.

Our commitments

We commit to absolute honesty in our marketing and pledge to never use dishonest marketing tactics including:

False advertising: exaggerating values and benefits of services

Fake or overly doctored reviews and testimonials

Not withhold negative information or data from the public solely to protect a brand’s image. 

Only use words that are realistic descriptors of the services and products we are promoting.

We will ensure our marketing is honest by;

Clearly communicating our service and products value without exaggerating or misleading our audience.

Use language that communicates the features and benefits of our services.

Accurately quote our customers, partners and team when we share reviews or testimonials.

Ensuring our use of data and examples is honest and accurate when promoting features, benefits and the impact of our products / services.

Anti Green Washing and Impact Washing

We pledge that our campaigns are fully honest and transparent about the social and environmental impacts of our services. We will constantly review marketing and communications strategies and tactics to ensure that we are not engaging in green-washing or impact-washing.

 Permission-Based Email Marketing

We commit to:

  • Creating value within any free content (including videos, blogs, online resources, online classes, social media posts, etc.),
  • Being GDPR compliant
  • Maintaining the trust of email lists by continuing to offer value and restricting messaging to content related to what the original opt-in intent.

 Ethical Digital Advertising

Out of the Box Gifts is committed to ensuring the accuracy and ethics of the content we promote through digital advertising.

Updating this policy

This policy will be updated as ethical marketing practices evolve, to ensure our marketing practises are kept in line with our values.