Employee Wellbeing Week Gifts

Gone are the days where we send the team a branded stress ball for employee wellbeing gifts, they just sit on their desks for months on end gathering dust before they’re popped in the bin without being given a second thought.

These days it’s all about the experience and showing the team that they are valued, particularly after the turmoil that the 2020’s has brought us so far.

We create employee wellbeing gifts that can be tailored just for your team. We create a gift box that is perfect for your employees and fits within the theme of your wellbeing event, we wrap each gift box individually and can send them direct to your employee’s homes or to your office. We’ll also add your branding to the gift tag with your personal message.

We have a multitude of items already available as part of build your own box but if there’s anything you’d like to see that we don’t stock, we can source items to suit your theme / brand and create the perfect gift box for you.

All of our gifts are eco and vegan friendly, meaning that they suit most dietary requirements and also don’t have a detrimental effect on our planet. Unlike the good old branded stress ball!

Please get in touch to see how we can help with your team wellbeing gifts on 07580 061 227 or hello@outoftheboxgifts.co.uk

Employee Wellbeing Gift Box
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