How To Make An Eco-Friendly Christmas Hamper

How To Make An Eco-Friendly Christmas Hamper

How To Make An Eco-Friendly Christmas Hamper

Naturally, I love a hamper for Christmas. These days it can be so difficult to pick out gifts for people. We don’t live the lives generations prior to us did where they waited for the things they need. Mostly, though we may want more expensive versions of what we have, we replace things when they break and we buy the affordable things when able. Books, CDs and DVDs were popular gifts for a while but now we have subscriptions and Kindles to access these.

Often, what really makes a difference is the little things we don’t always make time to reward ourselves with. Those extra treats that uplift us on hard days.

That’s why Christmas Hampers are making a comeback, especially for the eco-friendly. Sustainable friends and family members can be more tricky to buy for and sustainable consumers have to balance gift buying with their environmental consciousness. If you make an eco-friendly Christmas hamper though, you can select everything you put in there. So the gift basket is not only reflective of your values but highly personal too.

However, finding things to put in your hamper can be challenging so we’ve put together this useful guide on how to make an eco-friendly Christmas Hamper. As with most things we do, it’s a little unique and completely eco-friendly.

What To Use For A Christmas Hamper Basket

First, comes the basket itself. Of course, you can use a cardboard box like one from a veg box delivery. Commonly, these would be covered in sparkly Christmas paper but since most gift wrap is non-recyclable you might opt for brown parcel paper and decorate with foliage or stamps, or else buy a decorated cardboard storage box that the hamper receiver can use again.

Wicker baskets really are the most beautiful option though, in our opinion. These can be used over and over for more hampers, picnic baskets or for an attractive storage basket around the home.

What To Use For Christmas Hamper Filling

You’ll also want to create a soft filling for which to place your gifts. Shredded Kraft paper can be bought online, find one that’s made from recycled materials and has that natural look. Wood Wool is also a lovely, natural filler. Tissue paper is a good option but can be expensive and although it is recyclable many local councils do not accept tissue paper in household recycling. Although you can find compostable tissue paper so you can pop it in the compost. 

What To Wrap Your Christmas Hamper With

The best and most sustainable option to wrap your hamper in is compostable tissue paper. Hessian and twine can also make a lovely, natural looking and sustainable wrapping option. You can decorate this with some holly and dried sliced orange for a lovely, festive feel.

Plastic-Free Gifts For Your Christmas Hamper

At Out Of The Box, we always focus on the feeling one might get when opening or using their gifts. In choosing our selection we handpick only the gifts we truly believe will uplift and bring either joy or calm. In these busy times, these are the pick-me-ups we need most. When you stimulate these feelings you are not just giving a gift, you are creating moments to be treasured.

What such gifts can do this?

The simple things. The ones that aren’t all that expensive but seem a luxury to buy for yourself - candles, all-natural bath salts and cosmetics, herbal tea sets, chocolate, lavender oils and such.

Luxury food items are often welcome, especially those more unique ones like chilli jams and vegan sweet treats. Plus a bottle of wine or a zero-alcohol alternative.

Mostly, Christmas Hampers should be filled with feel-good indulgences that make us feel special in the little ways that really count. Especially through the long dark cold month of January.

Out Of The Box Ideas

Since you’re planning to make an eco-friendly Christmas hamper you don’t have to follow the usual rules of what goes in. Why not make it even more personal with a gift or two that is unique to your loved one. Something that supports a hobby they have such as a mindfulness colouring book or a Brew Your Own Beer Kit? 

Christmas hampers can also be made for a whole family and include gifts for children such as craft sets or eco colouring pencils. Here at Out Of The Box we also have plenty of gifts for men that would be ideal in a Family Christmas Hamper. Such as our Bergamot and Cedarwood Soak or solid shampoo and body wash for men.

There are so many special things that you can include in your Christmas hamper, yet, what will mean the most is the thought you’ve put into the selection you’ve put together. As a gift box company, we experience this joy every day and get to enjoy the lovely feedback we get from delighted customers. We wish you all the best in putting together your Christmas hampers and don’t forget to check out what we have in store too. 

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