5 Sustainable Christmas Swaps

5 Sustainable Christmas Swaps

Now Halloween has passed it seems to be Christmas all the way! With Christmas being the most wasteful time of year I wanted to share a few simple swaps for a more sustainable Christmas, all from some other lovely small businesses. 



Christmas Crackers

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers are generally filled with single use plastic that find themselves in the bin before the Christmas Pudding's on the table, they're also usually made of non recyclable cardboard. I've found these lovely plantable make your own Christmas Crackers by LIttle Green Paper Shop. I'm really looking forward to finding tiny treats to put in them for the family, that they will actually enjoy and then putting them out in the garden afterwards. 

Christmas hats

Reusable Christmas Cracker hats

Sticking with the Christmas Cracker theme, I love these felt reusable Christmas table hats by Oat House. I'm thinking about buying a different colour for each of the family that we can reuse year after year. Sounds like a nice new Christmas tradition! 

Table decorations

Eco Christmas Table Decorations

I've followed the Conscious Party Box for a while and absolutely love their ideas and ethos, they provide eco-friendly party decoration boxes and have released some absolutely beautiful Christmas table decoration boxes. If you're after an eco conscious Instagrammable table this is a must! 

Advent Calendars

Eco Friendly Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are notoriously bad for the planet, each filled with plastic cases and usually also in non-recyclable cardboard, often also wrapped in another layer of plastic film. This year we'll be creating our own with these lovely hanging calendars from Harmony at Home Eco Boutique. I'll be putting a joke and one of their favourite chocolates in for every day. They'll also be a lovely addition to Christmas decorations and not take up a whole shelf in the kitchen!  

Beeswax wraps 

Bees Was Wraps Christmas Sustainable Swaps

And last but definitely not least, the prettiest way to store your left overs whilst also preventing all the cling film, Bee Bee Wraps have the loveliest Bees Wax Wraps to safely store your food without costing the earth. I love the Winter Collection design in the photo. 


If you're looking for eco gift wrap ideas, check out my previous blog post. There are also some plastic free gift ideas for 0-6 year olds here

If you have any tips or suggestions to add, please leave a comment or get in touch.

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